Diving With Compass Divers

Our range of courses at Compass Divers is extensive and with the help of our expert instructors, dive locations and training facilities our aim is to make everyone who learns with us, a more competent, knowledgeable diver and comfortable diver.

We focus a lot on service at Compass Divers and as such you will carry as little equipment as necessary, no more than four people training group and staff looking after from the moment you step foot in our dive center. We hope that all of this leaves you feeling like you have had more of a dive experience rather than feeling like just another customer at a big dive shop.

If you need more information about our range of dive courses follow the links below or send us an email with your questions. Alternatively, if you would like to book direct use the booking button below.


Fun Dives for Certified Divers

The Gilis offer different types of dive sites, from shallow to deep, sandy bottom to beautiful reefs, walls to plateau, pinnacles to valleys, two wrecks (one shallow and one deep).

As a certified diver, you will get the opportunity to decide where to go (when suitable). We offer small groups (4 person max) and we make sure that level is fit to each you and the rest of the group. We will not mix a Open Water diver with an experienced advance diver.

The conditions in the Gilis are a steady medium, this means that we can have small to no current, good 20m+ visibility, up to a fairly strong current with low visibility. We will try our best to make sure you are able to dive in these conditions. We avoid dive sites with strong surge( with low visibility) as much as we can. Most of the year, however, the Gilis have perfect conditions (March- November).

We have experienced Divemasters that can find Pygmy seahorses, Sharks, Lobsters, Octopus, Cuttlefish…… and much, much more, from wrecks to big bommies of coral, we have everything to satisfy you.

Our gear is cleaned every day and in really good condition, being a new shop, all our equipment is fairly new. Including long wetsuits, regulators, strong fins, masks (some with lenses in), BCD, personal SMB and whistle.

  • Price: IDR 540.000 (all dive gear included)
  • Age minimum: 10 years
  • Depth: Dependant on level
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Primary Diving Options

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