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1112, 2019

Join the Broken Compass family for Christmas!

Christmas away from home can be a little lonely. It can also be hard to know where is best to base yourself over the festive holiday whilst travelling. Gili Trawangan is the perfect place to spend a tropical Christmas. The laid back island vibes and a strong community of ex-pats ensures there's plenty of festive spirit. Plus Gili Trawangan remains quite dry throughout December, despite it being the rainy season here in Indonesia. The rain clouds tend to gather around the volcanos in mainland Lombok to the east and Bali to the west which keeps the rain off Gili T. [...]

105, 2019

Tips for how to budget food and drink on Gili Trawangan

Budgeting can be easily done on Gili Trawangan, simply because Indonesia can be travelled pretty cheaply. However, due to Gili T being a tiny little island, this means most things have to be imported from neighbouring islands, such as Lombok and Bali. Thus making everything on all three of the Gilis slightly dearer. Not to worry though, we have the most important parts of your holiday sussed out and have very kindly listed the secrets of how to stay on Gili T with a strict-ish budget. And of course, those top two are food and drink! FOOD Eat local food [...]

104, 2019

Tips on how to budget activities on Gili Trawangan

Here it is! As promised, how to budget on you're activities on Gili Trawangan! So now to the FUN stuff. Here we'll tell you all the tips and tricks to getting a bit of discount on activities around the island and just having that ultimate island lifestyle. There are so many things on the island you can do for free,  all you have to do is use your imagination and take some of our tips away and put them to use. ACTIVITIES Rent a bike Renting a bike on the island will cost you around 35k (£2) for the day, [...]

103, 2019

Tips for how to budget accommodation and scuba diving on Gili Trawangan

Accommodation and diving are probably the most expensive things on your list whilst travelling, so it's always nice when you find a good deal or know a few ways to get that cost down, without having to compromise on cleanliness and safety. So look no further as every tip and trick you need to know is right here. We have looked at every way you can save a few pennies on scuba diving in the Gilis and the best accommodation to save your money on adventures and life-changing trips whilst you stay in our tropical paradise. ACCOMMODATION Stay in a [...]

102, 2019

Top three reasons to stay at a hostel whilst diving in Gili Trawangan

Hostels are not just for horror movies, in fact, hostels are the complete opposite to what these scary movies depict them as. A hostel is somewhere to meet amazing, like-minded people. Learn about different countries and cultures without even going there. You can share stories about the countries you've travelled and learn about the places you should visit next. Not only are hostels waaaaaay cheaper than hotels, villas and homestays, but they are a lot cleaner and modern than you ever thought in the past. The hostels reputation is getting better and it's becoming the place to stay for backpackers [...]

101, 2019

Becoming a Dive Master in Gili Trawangan.

Becoming a dive master is probably one of the most rewarding courses in the diving industry, I mean, after all, you get the title, DIVEMASTER! All bragging rights aside, after a minimum of four weeks you will have learnt more than you could have ever imagined. From learning the names of EVERY fish in South East Asia to knowing the ins and outs of specific dives spots. Not to mention the number of friends that you'll make over the course, you will have the most amazing stories about the Whale Shark you saw on one dive and the time your [...]