Diving Courses At Compass Divers

  • All of our courses are run by professional instructors on an active status.
  • Our priority is that everyone feels and stays safe whilst they are diving, therefore we have a maximum of four guests to one instructor or dive guide.
  • We never mix courses and fun divers, we make sure groups of divers are always on the same level.
  • We have a lot of different courses from beginner to pro levels, some are listed below, Please contact us directly so we can figure out what is best fitted for you.
  • We have the perfect pool at the dive shop, for you to practice before making your first step into the sea.
  • All our gear is well maintained by being serviced regularly.
  • Customer service is our main goal, feel free to check our review on Tripadvisor, google and facebook etc.
  • Diving in the Gilis is a must, you will discover a brand new world full of life, from Nemo, Stingrays, Turtles (the Gilis will not disappoint if you want to see Turtles), White Tip Reef Sharks, with access to shallow and deep dive sites, from nice slopes, walls, valleys, and plateau. We really have everything you have ever dreamt of.

Safety and fun are our priorities at Compass Divers.

Try Dive

Never dived before, but want to see what the big fuss is all about? Then we have a half day course (Try Dive) for you to try.

For information on one of the best experiences of your life take a look below!

Giving you the base to understand how to behave in our beautiful underwater World.

  • Communication
  • What is your gear for / how to use it
  • Why are we doing the skills / how to do it
  • Take your time to feel this new amazing world and enjoy it!


  • Price: IDR 950.000 (all dive gear included)
  • Age minimum: 8 years
  • Depth: 5m (9 and under)
  • Depth: 12m (10 and above)
  • Duration: ½ day

Option for a repeat Try Dive (when the 1st has been completed with us). If you wish to do another dive(s). Price: IDR 650.000

Open Water Course

Want To get Certified, this is your OPEN WATER COURSE (Level 1)

In this course, you will get everything you need to be a good diver. It’s really all about to get your mind ready to go to a different world. You will then be able to dive up to 18m deep and you will then understand how to be a good diver.

  • The physics/pressure
  • The techniques to be the best diver
  • What to expect underwater
  • Why you need to be safe/ how to be safe
  • How to get the best out of diving

Including theory / pool sessions / 4 dives, all gear, certification


  • Price: IDR 5.900.000 (all gear included)
  • Age minimum: 10 years old
  • Depth: 12m (11 and under)
  • Depth: 18m (12 and above)
  • Number of dive: 4
  • Duration: 2.5 to 3 days

Advanced Adventurer Diver

Advanced Adventurer Diver (Level 2)

As an advanced adventurer, you ’ll become a better diver who will know a lot more about diving. Having five more dives under your dive belt will automatically help you to then carry on to any speciality diver you desire to be.

You will have the general knowledge you need to be able to go anywhere in any conditions during diving. In the course, you will have two mandatory dives, Deep Dive (30m) and Navigation Dive. Then you can choose your preferences for the three next dives.

Your choices are:

  • Night dive, to see this world by night, another extremely exciting and new experience.
  • Wreck dive, a chance to see some history under the sea.
  • Drift dive, for those who want a little more of a challenge.
  • Buoyancy dive, this will teach you to become completely still in the water.
  • Computer dive, why the computer is so important right now.
  • Fish Identification, did you never wonder what the sign for a Turtle was?
  • Nitrox dive, dive for longer.
  • Photo dive, capture the memories of a lifetime.

Including theory / five dives, all dive gear and certification.


  • Price: IDR 4.900.000 (all gear included)
  • Age minimum: 10 years old
  • Max Depth: 12m (11 and under)
  • Max Depth: 21m (12 – 14)
  • Max Depth: 30m (15 and above)
  • Number of dive: 5 dives
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 days

Aventure Diver

The other option for those who don’t have enough time is to go peradventure. With just one dive for theory and one dive to get your deep dive (30m) for example you will then be offered an E-card on MYSSI app. This will enable you to dive worldwide to 30m, not being an Advance Adventure Diver.

  • Price per Adventure: Idr 990.000
  • Night Dive Adventure: Idr 990.000
  • Number of dive per Adventure: 1
  • Duration: 3hrs with Dive

Speciality Diver

These specialities allow you to push yourself as far as possible in one dive specification.

So you will know perfectly how to master that one speciality, for example going Deeper, going into a wreck, diving on Nitrox, and much, much more.

  • Night dive, to see this world by night, another completely different experience.
  • Wreck dive, get to learn and see some of the most famous parts of underwater history.
  • Drift dive, for those who want a bit more of a challenge.
  • Buoyancy dive, become perfectly still in the sea.
  • Computer dive, the future of diving is on your wrist.
  • Fish Identification, did you never wonder what the sign for a Lionfish was?
  • Nitrox dive, stay underwater for longer than when you are on air.
  • React Right, want to know what to do if something goes wrong?
  • Photo dive, capture memories using photography to keep forever.
  • Sidemont??

With these specialities, you will be certified as a Specialties Diver and will know all there is to know about your chosen speciality or go on to learn them all!


Note: Prices may vary from one speciality to and other.

Contact us to get more information on all specialities.

Rescue Diver

Become a rescue diver! Be the one to call if someone needs help, the hero without a cape

The Dive Stress and Rescue course is the training that will teach you how to recognise fatigue, distress and panic so you can solve any problem and react before anything serious happens. You’ll be able to read a situation and know how to react in the best way. We can include the React Righ(RR) (Emergency First Responder) to the course if you do not have the equivalent certification already.

Skills are practised in a confined are ie the swimming pool.

Pool dives will show you the skills into how to help your buddy and the practice will help you become suitable to try them as scenarios in the sea.

Including theory, pool sessions and four dives, all dive gear and certification.

React Right

The react right training is a dry course that teaches you to help a person with any injury (wound, broken arm and sick etc) it’s the type of training you can use in an every day emergency situation, it will help you to assist a situation, to know who to call and how to react. This is the first step into saving a potentially ill victims life.


  • Price: IDR 5.900.000 No RR (all gear included)
  • Price: IDR 7.700.000 with RR (all gear included)
  • Age minimum: 10 years old
  • Max Depth: 30m
  • Number of dive: 5 dives
  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 days


Want To Be The Best Of The Best – Become A Professional Divemaster

Have you always dreamt of working in the dive industry, or just be as good as your Dive Instructor? Well here’s your chance!

Becoming a Divemaster means a lot more than just getting a few more dives under your belt and a professional diver certification; it means becoming part of a dive shop, seeing what goes on behind the scenes, learning how to take care of certified divers and showing them what this dream job is all about.

You will get to divie every day, this will help you to understand all about the underwater world; you also will practice all the skills all over again to master them completely. Plan and brief a dive trip from A to Z, take the briefing in your own hands to explain what will happen on the dive. You will become the face of the dive shop, becoming a professional personnel of the dive industry in any aspects ie safety, organisation, preparing equipment for yourself and your group, briefing, leading dives, making sure everyone is safe and having fun and debriefing dives.

This course is so much more than a normal dive course, you will be part of a dream job, that many people would love to be in.

The minimum time spent on the Dive Master course is four weeks, but the longer you stay the more involved you’ll become with the shop and the more experience you will gain in the diving industry.

Send us an email or come into the shop for information on dates, prices and accommodation packages!

The Dive Master course includes:

Unlimited DIVES, unlimited FUN and unlimited NEW FRIENDS.

You will also become part of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with amazing energy throughout, epic dive sites, great party nights and so much more.

Prices start from 15.000.000 plus SSI fees(4.000.000), great packages available!

Contact us directly at [email protected]

Min Age: 18 years old