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Hostels are not just for horror movies, in fact, hostels are the complete opposite to what these scary movies depict them as. A hostel is somewhere to meet amazing, like-minded people. Learn about different countries and cultures without even going there. You can share stories about the countries you’ve travelled and learn about the places you should visit next.

Not only are hostels waaaaaay cheaper than hotels, villas and homestays, but they are a lot cleaner and modern than you ever thought in the past. The hostels reputation is getting better and it’s becoming the place to stay for backpackers alike.

On Gili Trawangan there are many dive shops that have hostels connected too them, this is because the backpacker world is becoming more adventurous and more social, so why not become a part of it? Why not be a backpacker and a scuba diver?!

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Meet lots of like-minded people

Due to hostels being very social places, I mean you’re basically sharing a room with two complete strangers, (they’re going to turn in to your best friends) so its bound to happen that you will have something in common, especially if you’re both here for diving and it just takes a “so where are you from?” to start a conversation that will turn into a friendship.

Most people you meet in your hostel have been travelling around the world or have plans too, thus meaning you both like an adventure. You also are interested in diving, this is something that a very little amount of people have ever had the pleasure to do. But now you have found him or her, or both!

Great, you have someone to talk to about your travels and your diving experiences and now your solo travelling can become travelling for two, or three, or four! And the best part is if you want to go your separate ways eventually, you can. They will understand, its part of the backpacker lifestyle. You make some of the most amazing friends in such a short time, but you know, even when you hop over to different countries, you’ll meet again somewhere. Hey! You may even end up in their hometown!


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 Laid back, chilled vibe

Gili Trawangan is known to be the party island, but if you want to relax and be away from the peer pressures of the party goers for a few nights a hostel with a dive shop is the place to be. Everyone is relaxing between dives and taking it nice and easy. There will always be a pool to float about in an here at Compass Divers Hostel we have the most comfortable beanbags on the island to read your book in or top up that tan.

Not saying that divers don’t know how to party, but we also know how to chill when it’s needed. So really the hostel vibe is great, you’ll have the best of both worlds if that is what you want.

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 You might just find a dive buddy for life

The best thing about diving and staying at a hostel is the “stranger” you met on your first night in your dorm will, by the second night be a very close friend and they will be persuading you to extend your stay so you can dive Shark point together and share more amazing memories together. And you will stay longer! And you’ll be so happy to come up from the dive with your new friend and now dive buddy (for life) and be so excited to talk about everything you’ve just seen.

Also, making friends in your hostel before diving gives you a little more confidence when completing your buddy check and whilst diving, you can trust them to make sure you both have an awesome dive. If not, you can give them shit for it! ;) That’s what friends are for right?!

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So now that you have decided that YES staying in a hostel whilst diving in Gili Trawangan is very YOU, we have another lovely surprise for you. You can get a 10% discount off on your accommodation when you stay and dive with us, that is either at Compass Divers or Broken Compass Hostel. So hostel it is then, it’s win-win, no doubt about it!