Accommodation and diving are probably the most expensive things on your list whilst travelling, so it’s always nice when you find a good deal or know a few ways to get that cost down, without having to compromise on cleanliness and safety.

So look no further as every tip and trick you need to know is right here. We have looked at every way you can save a few pennies on scuba diving in the Gilis and the best accommodation to save your money on adventures and life-changing trips whilst you stay in our tropical paradise.


Stay in a dorm room

Dorms are cheaper than private rooms, fact.

You have to stay in a room with people you may not know, fact.

However, on Gili Trawangan, a maximum of three people are allowed in one room, so sharing a dorm isn’t such a big deal in the end. I mean, you’ll only be in there to sleep and shower, the rest of the day and most of the night you’ll be out seeing what Gili Trawangan has to offer. Save money on accommodation so you can learn more and experience more outside of your hostel! Explore Gili!

Get accommodation on the second road or further back

The main street on the island is basically the first street back from the beach and that goes the whole circle around the island. It may be obvious that the accommodation is going to be a little more expensive, right? Unfortunately staying so close to the beach doesn’t mean you’re going to see it from your window. So why not opt for something a little further back, even the second street back you can find cheaper accommodation and that means only an extra two-minute walk to the beach. Saving around half the price on accommodation it’s well worth those extra 100 steps to the beach. Once you get there, you’ll probably be there most of the day anyway!

Dive at the hostel/hotel you are staying at

So if you dive at the hostel or hotel you’re staying at, like Compass Divers, you are more than likely to get 10% off your accommodation price. Amazing! You are rewarded for going diving! What else do I have to say really, other than scuba diving is one of the best experiences you will ever make. It’s a win-win!


Book diving online

At Compass Divers, if you book a dive online you can get 10% off of fun dives, try dives, Open  Water course, Advanced Diver course, Stress and Rescue, Specialities and even your Dive Master Training, yes that is every and any kind of dive you can do here with us! So why not plan ahead, that only has to be 24 hours and send us a message or book online to start your diving with us.


Dive with a group of four people or more

Bring all your friends diving with you and if you are pretty popular and have four or more then you can get 10% off of your fun or try dive! And if you are a solo traveller just find three more people who are just as enthusiastic as you about diving. Tell them they can get a 10% discount if you all book in together. Having groups for diving really helps the dive shops out, so we want to reward you for helping us out! ;)

Bring your own dive equipment

If you have your own dive gear (minus weights and tank, that’s cool) then Compass Divers will give you 10% off of your dives, every dive you do, that’s 10% off!

Now that your accommodation and diving should be settled, don’t forget to take a look at two more blogs we have set up for you to get the best prices on food, drink and activities whilst you enjoy your stay on Gili Trawangan!

Why not check out Compass Divers online at compassdivers.com, or check out our Facebook and Instagram to see what’s up and to check on all the deals and discounts we have over the year. If you have decided you’d like to stay or dive with us, please send us an email at [email protected] or just fill in our bookings form on our website!

We cannot wait to see you. :)