A scuba diver and his buddy pair descending into the sea.

A good dive buddy could be the difference between a good dive and the best dive you’ve ever had it is much more fun to be able to laugh with a friend and enjoy post dive banter after you’ve been practically silent for an hour.. So choose wisely! (And when you’ve found that buddy, hold on to them for life!)


A good reliable buddy will always be by your side. Whether it’s picking up your fins when you leave them in the dive shop or making sure you’ve both completed the proper length safety stop before surfacing, a good buddy always has your back. A reliable dive buddy will react quickly no matter what will occur.

Your buddy will be paying attention and are always on the ball and ready to step in when you get into a tricky situation or may have even spotted something of interest you bypassed earlier. Finding a reliable buddy sooner than later is key. Although having a few dive buddies and getting along with a mixture of divers is fun too!

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A good buddy will take into consideration how you feel about exploring new types of dive sites. Whether you are nervous about an upcoming drift dive or super excited about a new creature, they will be around to comfort you or share your excitement. But remember, being a good buddy works both ways. Your buddy should also recognise diving differences, such as quicker air consumption or different swimming speeds.

They should understand that they may need to slow down to your pace or respect the fact that you may have to surface early. (Even if you never got to see the shipwreck which was 5m away because you were low on air!) You and your buddy need to be each other’s main priority.



Nobody wants to dive with a Sulky Sue or a Moody Mike! Everyone shows their adventurous side in different ways, but it’s great if your enthusiasm and diving goals match! If you want to reach new limits and make this your deepest dive or stay down longer than ever before – that’s great (safely, of course!), but if your buddy doesn’t, it’s not quite as fun and may even make them uncomfortable.

It also works the other way around, if your idea of fun is waiting for the dolphins to come suss you out at 5/10m rather than diving through caves then it is best to find a buddy who likes the dolphins more than the adrenaline, too. It’s more fun when you are both having your version of fun!

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Dive Buddy check

Find a buddy who takes their buddy check seriously!. This is standard procedure. If your buddy is ‘oh so confident’ with their dive gear that they think they don’t need a buddy check, then don’t dive with them.It is as much about your safety as it is theirs. Yes, they may be an amazing diver and highly qualified, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes and we all need to rely on our buddies when worst happens.

But, on to a positive side of buddy checks. You can make it fun, your buddy can make it fun, and all you have to remember is BWRAF. Make your own acronym, something you will remember like Burger With Relish and Fries. Black White Royal Air Force. Bruce Willis Ruins All Films. Bruce Willis Rules All Films. Whatever your preference. It’s important to not get too serious, so if your buddy can make the buddy check something positive that is a huge bonus.

Scuba instructor helping set up students dive gear.

Dive, dive, dive

The more dives your buddy has under their weight belt, the better. But it’s even better if you can log them together! When you have found your buddy, keep them! Practice makes perfect. It’s hard to communicate underwater (even if you have a fancy slate!), but over time the two of you will develop your own signals.

Diving together often is the best way you are going to learn each other’s strengths, weaknesses and narc points.. You’ll learn their air consumption, their favourite way to get your attention when they’ve found a pygmy seahorse and whether they prefer wreck dives over reefs. The only way you’ll truly be able to find that perfect dive buddy is to keep diving and keep diving and keep learning.

Four scuba divers show the love heart sign with their hands under the sea.

Ok, so now you think you have found the perfect dive buddy or have someone special in mind, think about all the amazing dives you’re going to get into! Compass Divers has dive packages for anyone and everyone. Bring your new buddy, bring your friends and we will show you those dive sites you’ve only dreamt. Time to log the best dives of your life.

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