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The Gilis have and always will be a small part of paradise, that’s why after the devastation of the earthquake on August 5th 2018 we have worked even harder to get this place back to its former self. In doing so the bond each and every shop, restaurant, dive centre, hostel and bar now have, makes the Gilis even more likeable and those who come here may never want to leave.

It is true, there is still a bit of rubble on the streets and not every building is back to its original self, but there is power on the whole island, there is food, water and of course Bintang in every shop and restaurant that you’ll walk into and the wiFi is back to normal, so no worrying about getting those amazing photos out on Instagram!

Furthermore, we would like to welcome you back to the island or if it’s your first time to the island welcome you anyway to the tiny paradise of white sands, turquoise seas, fresh coconuts, beautiful diving and amazing memories. And if you were wondering why the Gilis are so amazing NOW? Take a look below and you’ll be pleasantly surprised

1. The diving is even more amazing

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The diving had NEVER been bad on the Gilis, we have popular dive sites like Turtle Heaven and Shark Point, no points for guessing what you’re going to see there! But NOW, due to fewer people arriving on the island, there are less fast boats speeding overhead, so that tranquil dive can truly be a tranquil dive, not to mention that the dive sites are a whole lot quieter, fewer people on the island, fewer drivers to share the dive site with! And not to mention that right now, all the way up till the 1st of December SSI will be donating all the certification costs to the people of Lombok who lost their homes during the earthquake at the beginning of August. So all you have to do is turn up to the Gilis and book onto a course with Compass Divers or any other SSI dive shop and the certification cost you pay anyway will go straight to funding Lombok rather than to SSI. So you become a certified diver and by doing so you are helping the people affected by the earthquake. It’s a win-win and I see no reason why you shouldn’t do it! ;)

2. You don’t have to queue for a swing photo

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If you have been to the Gilis before, or just looked on Instagram then you know how famous the #giliswings are. And every year thousands and thousands of traveller and holidaymakers make their way to the sunset beach where there are at least ten different swings for you to choose. Sounds like a lot of swings for such a small island, right? Well, not if every evening at around 6:15pm the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen is about to go down and the rest of the island want to see it too. So sharing ten swings with a thousand people means queuing for an hour or two and even then you might miss the actual sunset!

Fast forward to NOW however and the swings are all yours! ALL YOURS! Again, due to their being fewer people arriving on the island every day there is less queuing and time wasting waiting around. Your swing photo will look 10x better as you’ve had all evening to take the perfect shot, you’ll feel more relaxed as there will not be 100 eyes on you whilst you’re on the swing and all in all, you’ll have more time to actually appreciate the sunset.

Side note, you’re more likely to get more likes on Instagram too!

3. You can get great deals on accommodation

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Here we go, this is what anyone and everyone wants to here right? A great deal on your favourite hostel or that fancy villa you’ve always dreamed of staying in. Well NOW is your chance to go back and stay at your favourite place again or if it’s your first-time wine, dine and sleep in something a little more luxury than you expected to be able to afford. Both Compass Divers Hostel and Broken Compass have lowered their prices to get the accommodation fun, so you make new friends and explore the beautiful island it is built on. And now you have a little bit of spare cash you can book that dive course you’ve always wanted to do or buy your mum some lovely gifts to take back home.

4. Everyone wants you here


Everyone wanted you here before the earthquake, but now we really really want you here! We want you to see that we are doing great, that as a community we are strong and have worked together to get this bit of paradise back up to its usual self again and we want you to enjoy what still is one of the most beautiful sets of the island in the world. By coming to the Gilis you will also be helping local run businesses that have been affected by the earthquake to get back to normal and all you have to do is do what you’d normally do when you come to paradise. Eat at restaurants, party at bars, drink coconuts on the beach, paddleboard, the list is endless and our gratefulness is too. We can’t wait to see you!

5. It feels a little more like paradise


Once you step foot onto Gili Trawangan, you’ve found it, paradise. There is no other place where you can find some of the bluest waters, whitest sand an amazing diving for everyone. Not to mention the most Turtles you’ll probably ever see in your life and the friendliest staff and locals who work on the island to make your stay perfect. The atmosphere is buzzing and there is a bit of something for everyone, couples, families, travellers and everyone else we’ve missed off the list. You will come to the island with googly eyes because its so beautiful, they never want to leave because of the memories you’ve made and the island community is just so powerful.

“Not all those who wander are lost”  J.R.R. Tolkien

The Gili’s have always been a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list, but NOW is the time to be here and enjoy some little added extra magic to the island. If you are interested in booking accommodation or diving NOW, send us an email at [email protected] or book online on our website. We can’t wait to see you!

*Published on the 30/09/2018 after the earthquake that hit Lombok on the 05/08/2018.*