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Becoming a dive master is probably one of the most rewarding courses in the diving industry, I mean, after all, you get the title, DIVEMASTER! All bragging rights aside, after a minimum of four weeks you will have learnt more than you could have ever imagined. From learning the names of EVERY fish in South East Asia to knowing the ins and outs of specific dives spots.

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Not to mention the number of friends that you’ll make over the course, you will have the most amazing stories about the Whale Shark you saw on one dive and the time your buddy fell of the boat whilst coming back from a dive site.

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Yes, they will feel like family by the end, they have seen you laugh, cry, sweat and do some of the most embarrassing things of your diving life, but it’s cool because that’s what being a DMT is all about and your dive family will love you unconditionally.

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So what makes Gili Trawangan so special you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

You will be living on a tropical island, surrounded by the clearest blue seas and whitest sandy beaches you’ve ever seen. Where the only engine run vehicle you’ll see are wooden diving boats and fast boats bringing backpackers too and from the island. There are no cars and no scooters, just push bikes and shoeless feet, instantly ready to jump into the sea.  The sea we are talking about is part of the coral triangle, where the diversity of fish is almost overwhelming, the coral reefs so colourful and it’s pretty warm in there too, so no need for wearing thick wetsuits whilst diving. Yeah, 28 degrees C, pretty impressive right?


Full of like-minded individuals, who love scuba diving and all things the sea. The three Gilis have around 60 different dive shops, so no need to worry about making scuba friends. Gili T is known for its energetic vibe and social scene, one of the reasons  1000’s of backpackers visit there every month, so you’ll meet lots of chilled, but energetic people from all over the world with many stories to tell and memories to make.

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So the diving is absolutely a-mazing. With over ten different dive sites, no further than a 20minute boat ride away you are spoilt. Each dive site is unique in its own way, from turtle heaven pinnacles to the beautiful slopes of Trawangan and Meno, not to mention the dive sites named after the marine life that turns up there. ie. Shark Point and Manta Point.


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We’ll see you soon!

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